Niseko High-end Workcation

-A Relaxing and Enlightening Retreat
for the Business Community and Investor -

Hokkaido National Park Workcation Association

Global CEO Meeting in Niseko

Exciting Encounters and Discoveries in Niseko – First-class business and investment opportunities


  • Global Business
  • Discovering Local

Niseko × Global Business Networking

Niseko is recognised the world over as a place of luxury, however, the world business community also sees it as a place of opportunity, where business investors can reap substantial rewards. Time spent in Niseko is not only the ultimate in luxurious vacationing but also offers investors exclusive networking opportunities.

Niseko × Discovering Local Excitements

Food, architecture, art, breathtaking nature … this is a journey, one where we discover the many facets that Niseko offers. However, Niseko also offers a friendly and warm welcome from the locals. A resort is only as good as the people that reside there, and here, Niseko is blessed.

  • Exciting Encouter
    Meet global entrepreneurs and
    encounter new
  • Luxury Stay
    A refined accommodation
    space featuring art that
    embraces the region's
    unique charm.
  • Sustainability
    A journey to
    learn how to
    create a
    Niseko's future.

The very best attracts
the very best.
Much like the charms of
majestic natural formations
formed over eons
in this region
and the history of the pioneers
who have become devoted to it.
The unique encounters you
experience here will inspire
and change you forever.


Niseko High-end

Niseko, an international resort that captivates the attention of wealthy people around the world.
The magnificent natural environment such as Mt. Ittei, Shiribetsu River, and Niseko Annupuri draw people to Niseko, and the aggressive development investment has supported and created a luxurious stay environment so that customers can enjoy the area to its fullest.

Practitioners of global marketing who have continued to challenge new frontiers,together with the leaders of tourism innovation, sharing the best experiences that color the summer of international resorts, we hope that you find a new perspective.

Sample Tour

Niseko High-end Workcation

“Niseko Luxury Stay × Premium Experience and Meeting”

A Time of Quality and Openness in Niseko

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will regain your forgotten spirit in the midst of magnificent nature. Sharpen your senses with the highest quality environment, food, and activities.A relaxed mind leads to the best inspiration.

Business is a luxury.

Niseko High-End Vacation is a place where you will encounter the best of the best.

The definition of the title of our tour, ‘Niseko High-End Workation’, is a tour where the guests can mix business with pleasure, network with other business people, and learn something from their time spent in Niseko. It is a program where you stay in a beautiful retreat without distraction, encounter exciting people, and discover something new, whilst at the same time immersing yourself in your surroundings. Such an experience will increase focus and as such, we are sure that our guests will create new business opportunities, as well as achieve maximum business potential.

The story of Niseko’s success has inspired many people – various members of the business community as well as individual investors saw huge potential in this unknown northern Japanese town, invested, and marketed it internationally, ultimately creating one of the most amazing skiing resorts in the world.

There are many destinations around the world suitable for MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions/Events), however, what we offer is something different. Niseko is not simply a place to hold meetings and conferences, but will also lead you on a journey of learning, discovery, opportunity, and immersion. Opportunities will reveal themselves as you immerse yourself in the spirit of Niseko.

4 day 3 nights - Sample Tour

Tour DAY 1 
Living with Art in Niseko Art-Stay - A Unique Fusion of the Indigenous and the Modern

Niseko Gastronomy

The tour starts with a gastronomy experience overlooking Niseko’s symbol, Mt. Yoteizan. The culinary culture of Niseko is nurtured by the Shiribetsu River and beautiful mountains, Yoteizan to the East and Niseko Annupuri to the North, both of which are designated national parks. This is sacred land to the indigenous Ainu and is renowned for its clear and fresh water. The water nurtures not only fresh seafood but also helps in the cultivation of rice, fruit, and vegetables. This is a gastronomy experience dedicated to the guests, where one can taste the essence of Niseko. Enjoy the blessings of the Kamuy - gods of Ainu - during a lunch that fuses French and Japanese cuisine using delicious fresh local ingredients.
Accompanying this special lunch is a selection of local sake and wine, all of which perfectly reflect de terrior of Niseko.

Niseko Art-Stay

Niseko is known for its exciting art scene and its amazing architectural designs. Its uniqueness stems from the delicate and serene traditional Japanese style as well as the spiritual beliefs of the Ainu people. Inspired by Moshir - the land of Ainu - artists and architects created a unique architecture that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical during the harsh winter.

A tour with one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Niseko in this area, Shouya Grigg, will provide the fascinating story and the philosophy behind his creation. During this talk with this visionary artist, we aim to offer an insight into the fusion of local traditional culture and modern artistic practice.

Time Schedule DAY 1

  1. 09:45
    Arrive at New Chitose Airport / Car rental pickup
  2. 10:30
    Brief introduction of the tour
  3. 12:00
    Lunch at Le Mantaro
  4. 13:30
    Art tour at SOMOZA by Shouya Grigg
  5. 16:00
    Check-in at Setsu Niseko/Free time
  6. 19:00
    Dinner at SUSHI KATO

Tour DAY 2 
Niseko Global Business Meeting The Evolving Nature of the Niseko Entrepreneurs and Their History

Niseko Business Tour

Initially, it was Australian investment that put Niseko on the international map as one of the most beautiful and exciting resorts. Today, developers, funds, and individual investors from Southeast Asian countries, as well as well-established hotel operators such as the Hilton, Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, and Aman have seen the opportunity that Niseko offers and are now heavily investing in the area. Niseko is attracting much attention as one of the ‘hottest’ destinations in the world.
During this tour, we are delighted to be able to offer our guests a unique opportunity to explore the various business trends in Niseko by discussing opportunities with current operators who are based in the area.
Each area in Niseko - Hirafu, Hanazono and Niseko-cho- has its own unique character, and new developments in all the areas are underway as we speak. A harmonious coexistence with nature and sustainable tourism is the foundation of the tour’s philosophy. Please enjoy this rare opportunity to see Niseko in a new and exciting way, and join us in our mission to begin a new era of tourism.

Niseko Business Forum

To conclude the 2nd day of the tour, we have a special program which will help to learn more about Niseko and its business trends.
The theme of the forum is "The Next Big Thing in Niseko", and business owners and investors in Niseko will discuss the area’s appeal and its huge potential for future growth.
Following these insightful presentations, guests are welcome to engage in discussions regarding sustainable growth and high-end tourism, investment and more!

Time Schedule DAY 2

  1. 09:00
    Check-out from Snow Niseko/Property Tour
  2. 11:00
    Takahashi Farm tour
  3. 12:00
    Pizza Lunch at Takahashi Farm Restaurant
  4. 13:00
    Tour of Niseko Town
  5. 15:30
    Niseko high-end workcation meeting 2023
    -Forum followed by Dinner
  6. Note: Contents of the tour may change due to weather conditions.

Tour DAY 3 
Driven by Niseko's Great Nature An epic journey beyond the endless horizon

Niseko Adventure Tourism

Embark on a fantastic kayaking tour guided by Ross Findlay, the CEO of NAC (Niseko Adventure Centre), one of the people responsible for Niseko’s internationally recognised reputation. He has led local adventure tours for over 28 years since starting his company in 1995, and has shared his views on the environment, consideration for others and ultimately instilling the confidence and courage to take on challenges from young to old.
This tour not only allows you to experience the breathtaking nature of Niseko first-hand, but you will also hear from Ross Findlay himself, who has been a key figure in Niseko's dynamic transformation. Ross will highlight the history as well as his future vision for Niseko. Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Niseko, as you are transported away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Niseko Outdoor Dining

After a day of indulgence in Niseko’s outstanding natural beauty, the day concludes with luxurious outdoor dining. The director of this dining space is Chef Maeda, a notable local business owner and brewery owner.
Maeda is an avid student of Hokkaido’s local food and drink culture, as well as collaborating with organic food producers creating original recipes for non-alcoholic drinks and other food products. For this special occasion, Chef Maeda himself will cook the food and talk us through the fascinating stories of Niseko’s culinary delights.

Time Schedule DAY 3

  1. 08:30
    Meet in the hotel lobby
  2. 09:00
    Kayak tour led by Ross Findlay
  3. 12:30
    Return to the hotel /Change of clothes/ Break
  4. 13:30
    Art tour at SOMOZA by Shouya Grigg
    *Visits to other facilities available upon request
  5. 16:00
    HAKKO GINGER Outdoor Dining
  6. 19:00
    Return to the hotel

Time Schedule DAY 4

  1. 08:00
    Morning Meeting at Gen-Myo
  2. 10:00
    Visit HakuVillas
  3. 11:30
  4. 13:00
    Drive to CTS airport
    *Visits to other facilities available upon request
  5. Note: Contents of the tour may change due to weather conditions.

Tour Plan Detail

SETSU NISEKO 〒044-0080 6-9 1-jo 2-chome, Niseko Hirafu,Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun,Hokkaido, Japan
Basic Plan
For groups of 4 to 10 guests
One night at Setsu Niseko Resort, and two nights at Gen-myo Chalet
※Breakfast included
One Japanese Traditional Kaiseki Dinner at Sushi Kato INORI
One private room dinner at Park Hyatt Niseko
One Outdoor Dining at Gen-myo
Niseko art tour (3 hours)
Niseko urban development project inspection tour (3 hours)
Niseko adventure tour (3 hours)
Niseko high-end business inspection tour(3 hours)
Networking Event
Half-day private networking event at Park Hyatt Niseko Includes planning and operation of the event
※Available for 1,000,000 yen (plus tax) per group (from four persons)
Summer activities(3 hours):¥60,000~
Gastronomy tours(3 hours):¥60,000~
Team building program(5 hours):¥100,000~
Niseko SDGs program (5 hours):¥100,000~
Mindfulness program(5 hours):¥100,000~
Work/vacation room rental(1 day):¥50,000
Niseko conference event management, invitation of speakers (5 hours):¥500,000~
June 1 - September 30
March 1 - Applications will be accepted from March 1.
What to bring
  • Clothes that can get dirty or wet
  • Easy-to-move shoes
  • Jacket
  • Business cards (if participating in a networking event)
  • The local maximum temperature is expected to be 25°C and the minimum temperature to be 15°C.As there is a temperature difference between daytime and morning and evening, it is recommended to bring clothes that can adjust to weather changes.
    For those who will participate in activities, what to bring varies depending on the content. We will inform you in advance.
  • Because this is a tailor-made workation program, please understand that the tour content will be arranged according to your request and we will send a final estimate after all of the arrangements have been made. For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.
  • Our association outsources travel arrangements to a regional travel agency, KITAGUNIKARANOOKURIMONO Co., Ltd.
    The contract will be between the customer and KITAGUNIKARANOOKURIMONO Co., Ltd.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • In case of bad weather, to ensure safety, at our discretion, outdoor experiences may be canceled.
    In that case, no cancellation fee will be charged.